The benefits of having egg with banana

Food is the main factor to maintain health. Food will cause for unhealthy too. If we have healthy foods in abnormal way will cause unhealthy.

The main food for good health is breakfast. Because the total energy for the body is getting from it. There is no use of eating anything, it should be healthy. The good item can able to have breakfast is banana and egg. The nentra pazham is also called as Kerala banana and ethapazham . It is having vitamin A ,C and D. There are less fruits with there 3 vitamins. This nenthrappazham is having protein and calcium. The egg is known as good for health with the presence of protein,calcium and vitamins.
There was news that eating banana and egg together will cause death. It is not correct. And it is giving more benefits.
By eating boiled egg and banana is giving carbohydrates,protein,sodium ,potassium and vitamins. So if we eat in the morning can give health for the brain.

In egg white choline is present. This is good for the health of the brain. It is also important for the working of nadis and to remove toxins. The fully riped banana can give good mood. The tryptophan amino acid will produce serotonin. This only is giving good mood. This banana and egg combination can reduce fat.

In egg and banana rich amount of proteins are present which is helpful for muscle growth and body maintenance. It will reduce fat and prevent obesity. The medium riped banana will reduce the obesity. In this vitamin B6 is rich. The banana and egg combination will increase the immunity. The banana with black peel will increase the 8 times immunity level in body.

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