The benefits of jack fruit tree leaves

Gas and acidity is one of the main problems in many people. There are many reason for the gas in the stomach. The main thing is food. Some type of foods,foods which is not taking on correct time,avoiding breakfast,having dinner at late and fried dishes will cause for the gas trouble. Apart from this less water intake,some medicines and lack of exercises also can cause for gas trouble.

The gas trouble is not only making problems for the stomach but also for the stomach pain,constipation,heart burn and the swelling of the stomach. If we are not treating at proper time it can leads to danger problem like other serious condition. Usually we will use antacids for the treatment of gastric problems. But if we use it regular then will make many issues and we cant manage without this.

There are many natural home remedies. We can use this things and there is no side effects also. These are easily available and prepare at home itself.

Let us see the small dish for treating this.

The cumin and the nip of jack fruit trees leaves.
We can make the solution by using these two. The cumin is having many types of health benefits. It is helpful to treat gas,acidity,fat and obesity. And it will make the stomach cool. The boiled water with cumin is used for the remedy of gas. It also treats vomiting ,nausea and diarrhoea. The improper digestion will cause for many gastric problems. The oil in cumin helps to improve the digestion. The nip of jack fruit tree leaves which is ripened is used for the preparation.

Let us see the preparation.

Smash the nip of 5 to 6 leaves. Take 2 table spoon of cumin. Boil these two ingredients in a warm water. We can drink this water in empty stomach and in many times per day. If we drink this for continuous 2 months can improve the condition. This can prevent gas trouble and helps to maintain good health of the stomach. We can use the jack fruit leaf tea for reducing the obesity and fat. The tea will be made up with the boiled water of it. The cumin also helps to reduce fat and obesity.

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