The diet which is used for the reduction of cholesterol

The cholesterol is making many problems in our day today life. This will make issues because of the new life style and food habits. We are the responsible person for these changes. But cholesterol is making more side effects for the health. If we maintain some diets will make changes. Sometimes the habits will take us to a danger zone. So we have to be alert and this situation can be managed with the proper diet.

The sunflower oil is good for the health. Some people are unaware about it. People are going back of coconut oil and gives some problems. But to reduce cholesterol we can use sunflower oil for cooking.

Eating fish is good ,but better not to eat the fish by frying. Prepare the fish curry and have. The fried fish will give many health problems.

Try to eat soy foods. The special protein in it will control the cholesterol. Eat 15 gm soy daily. It will remove bad cholesterol from the body. It is better to involve in diet and helps for the health.

The people who are eating nuts also can get relaxation from cholesterol. The nuts are having rich in protein,fibres and vitamin. It is good for the health. So eat nuts.

Oats will help for the diet. It controls cholesterol. The bad cholesterol will reduce and essential cholesterol will increase by eating oats.

Eating more fruits will reduce the cholesterol. Better to add it in your diet.

The vegetables are also helpful for reducing the cholesterol. Make habit of eating it regularly. It will improve the health. We should make use of eating vegetables and fruits in day today life.

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