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The health benefits of drinking milk by adding water hyssop

There are many plants which is helping for the health. Most of them are unaware about its medicinal values. In ancient days it was used in medicine and ayurveda. Like this one important plant is water hyssop. It will grow in the ground and climb up. It is in the blue colour or white. It is for the memory and brain development in children. But it is used for adults also. It is giving many health benefits. For the skin and hair it is good. For maintaining the youth also it is helpful. We have to follow some ways to use it.

The presence of nutrients and antioxidants are helping for the benefits. We can drink the boiled milk by smashed or grinded water hyssop. It is useful for maintaining youth. It prevents loose of the skin and wrinkles. We can drink the milk by adding water hyssop’s essence.

To prevent the gray hair also it is used. For the good skin ghee and water hyssop is used. Fry the leaf of water hyssop and add its to milk and drink in the night.
To increase the skin colour also it is good by drinking the essence. It is also a remedy for different skin disorders.

It is good for treating the eczema and to prevent allergy.
For allergy we can grind and apply over the skin.
In the skin water hyssop is producing collagen. It strengthen the skin. The polyphenols,carotenoids and flavonoids are removing the free radicals and thereby destroying DNA. It is helpful antiaging. The water hyssop is used for the removal of black heads and pimples on the face. It can eat and apply on face too. It is one of the ingredient in Chavanapravisam which is used for the health and maintain youth. To increase the hair growth and to prevent gray hair water hyssop is good. We can apply as hair oil by boiling it with coconut oil.
It is good for the health of the throat. The essence of it is helpful to prevent infection and to clear the voice. Take rock candy and add water hyssop s essence to it and eat daily. It helps for voice.
If we grind and keep under the legs will helps to get good sleep. It is a remedy for insomnia.

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