The Vitex Negundo is a medicine for any kind of pain

The Vitex Negundo is one of the plant in our house environment. But most most of them are unaware how to use and for what to be used. For treating some serious diseases Vitex Negundo was used prior to consulting the doctors. It can be seen in our compound in large amount. We can grow at home itself. That’s much benefits are there for this. Old people might be knowing about this plant. But they don’t know for what it can be used. There is no doubt about its medicinal value. We can grow it by using seed or by planting. It is used to treat any kind of pains. There are different benefits based on the uses.

Let us discuss the different benefits of Vitex Negundo.

Remedy for back pain.

Many people are suffering because of backpain. To treat this some vitex Negundo is enough. Give warm with the boiled Vitex Negundo water. It helps to relieve the pain. For many pains it is good.

Pain which is related to arthritis.

The leaves of Vitex Negundo is helping to treat the pain. Boil the leaves and foment the vapours. It is good for the old age daily.
To use in particular place where the pain is.
To reduce many ways are there. Apply the dhanvantharam oil to the leaves of Vitex Negundo and heat it. Keep it in the area where the pain is.

For treating headache.

It is good to keep these leaves in the pillow cover and sleep by keeping head on it. It will give fast remedy from the headache. So it is a natural remedy to relieve from headache.

Epilepsy treatment.

It is one of the health problems which we should be aware. This is also treated by the essence of Vitex Negundo leaves by squeezing. The persons who lost the consciousness is treated with this leaves. It helps to wake up the person.

Mouth ulcer treatment.

This plant is used in olden days to treat the Mounth ulcer by preparing water extraction of this plant.

For treating knee pain.

The leaves of Vitex Negundo should be grinded and applied to the knee. It will helps to relieve from the knee pain.

For treating cough and throat pain.

The gargling of boiled Vitex Negundo water will helps to relieve from the cough and throat pain. So it is helps to solve the problems of many kinds of pain.

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