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The pontoon Journey in Economic class

The pontoon travel from Venees of east is getting to be inspiration.The Punnamadakayal, Vattakayal, Meenaballi kayal,Chithirakanal,Kainakari,by passing the Nedumudi kayal which is originating from Pamba, ‘Kanjiram ‘,kainakari’, Nedumudi and Chambakulam travel experience is uncountable. The Alappuzha is referred to with the pet name as ‘ Venees of east. ‘The pontoon administration under the water transport office is giving chance to the visit bundle with less cost.All vessel administrations which are beginning from the vessel jetti,near to KSRTC transport remain of Alappuzha is useful to appreciate the magnificence of Venees of east and Kuttanadu. The vessel administration from Alappuzha to Changanassery through Kavalam is taking additional time and distance.Not just this yet in addition the Kottayam, Kumarakam, Chambakulam, Nedumudi, Kaineri and Kavalam administrations are not bad.The charge for going Changanasseri is 11rps and for the Kottayam it is 9 rps. This rate for the ticket was in 2006.Now the charge may me expanded 2rps or 3 rps


Aside from this,the sailing of 2 and half hours for the sake of “See Kuttanadu ” and 6 benefits under the water transport division day by day are accommodating the travelers. The rate is 50/ – for one individual. The pontoon is having game plans of two stories with the upper floor is for vacationers and the lower floor is for the voyagers of Kuttanadu.The rate for the explorers are 12/ – rps.We can go in the lower floor by talking and offering to the general population as a Kuttanadu individual. To know Kuttanadu “See Kuttanadu ” drifting is helpful. The planning of “See Kuttanadu” administration is masterminded to give treat for the guests that is the sun rise and sun set

By keeping the above administrations aside,the Chundan vallapadukal is masterminding Alappuzha-Kollam pontoon travel under the water transport department.The vessel travel is of 8 hours and having 500/ – rps rate. We can appreciate the movement by conversing with the floods of Vembanadu and Ashtamudi lakes, the lake with the coconut trees, paddy fields in the terrains

The pontoon will stop for the sustenance and tea in the lake shore by giving adequate time.One agreeable travel. The movement is from Alappuzha. Following day from Kollam to Alappuzha.

For one hour 200 – 500/ – rps per individual is gathering by the private boats.It is making hard for the movement and giving significance for the administrations of water transport division. The Kathiboats, with the more cash for the drinking water and the house vessels for movement by paying 1000s and 10000s, will adjust in the Vattakayal and Punnamadakayal without intersection the point of confinement. The movement pontoon will cross the separation 32 km from down. The Alappuzha-Changanessi vessel travel is 32 kms separation and making the 3 hours of visuals

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