The ways to consume Averrhoa Bilimbi for maintaining health

There are different ways to protect health. But we have to be alert which is causing problems to the health. Nowadays new diseases are appearing. We have to take precautions to fight against these kinds of diseases. The averrhoa bilimbi is good for the health. It is known as irumbanpuli. The other names are chemmen puli,orkka puli and elumbanpuli.
This puli is difficult to eat .So we can eat this by drying.
Let us discuss the different benefits of Averrhoa bilimbi;
There is no doubt to have dry bilimbi for reducing obesity. This is reducing the fat from the body. The bilimbi is good to save the health. It can reduce the blood pressure. Most of the people are suffering due to high BP.
Take 3 cups of water and boil by adding some bilimbi to it. This can be drunk daily in the morning. This more helpful to maintain the health.

Diabetic control.

The dried bilimbi is helpful to control the diabetes. The diabetic patients can drink bilimbi juice.
Take bilimbi in one cup of water and boil. Wait till the water become half cup. Then keep it for cool and can eat for twice a day. This way also is helpful to treat diabetes.

To treat fever.
We should be very careful about fever. When our body is becoming weak infections can occur. Bit the vitamin C in the bilimbi can increase the immunity power. The dry bilimbi also can reduce fever. The bilimbi can save the health.

Remedy for cough.

The cough is enemy for the health. When we try to treat the situations will become more worse. The bilimbi can use as medicine for cough. The essence of this also can reduce the cough and running nose. The dry blilmbi also will fight against the problems.

Antibiotic action.

The bilimbi can act as antibiotic. It is used for the treatment of insects bite,oedema in legs,itching and swelling.
We can make the paste by taking the peels of the bilimbi tree with 3 or 4 garlics.
The dry bilimbi also can treat against this. The bilimbi is good to treat this kind of problems.

To treat mumps.

The mumps which is caused by the virus can be treated with bilimbi. The paste can be used by taking the peel of the tree. We can apply this essence to the area where the swelling is. This is protecting the health.

The skin protection.

It can be used to protect the body and to save the skin and beauty. There is no doubt with that. The skin protection can be done by bilimbi. It can reduce the pimples. The Vitamin C in it can give fairness to the skin. So that we can eat by drying and also by preparing pickle.

The things to be aware ;

We should be aware how to have food. Be aware while having more bilimbi. The oxalates can cause ill effects to the body. It can cause kidney problems. So we have to keep this two things in mind while eating. So be careful.

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