What will happen if we take more salt

It is very difficult to eat the food without salt. But if we have more it will be a poison. It affects liver functions and destroys the blood cells. The salt is not needed for the body and it can’t able to break. The body will try to leave the salt from the body through sweating when it reach to the body. This is the fact behind the taste of salt in sweat.

The more uses of salt will leads to many health issues.


It is a condition in which the body will become swollen. When there will be increase in sodium causes swelling over the body. It is caused by the large amount of fluids in the body.

Stroke– The more amount of sodium will leads to increase in BP and at last to stroke. No need to wait for death.

It prevents the liver functions.

There is no need of much time for making the condition worsen because of the use of salt. So we should be very careful while using salt. Otherwise the side effects will be painful.

Kidney failure.

If the kidney stops the excretion of unwanted things from the body will cause deposit it in to the blood. It will leads to death at last. The high level of blood pressure will cause for the kidney damage . The people with kidney diseases should reduce the use of salt. So that we can improve the activity of kidney.

Rise in blood pressure.

Rise in sodium level will cause for rise in blood pressure.

Chances of heart attack.

The chances of getting heart attack will be double. The body needs sodium. But if it is more will cause for side effects which is more. This is the cause for many cardiovascular diseases. The salt will cause for heart diseases and prevents its functions.

It affects intelligence.

If we eat salt will become ass. This was a proverb in olden days and it is true. The consumption of more salt will destroy the intelligence.










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