We can treat knee pain like this way

Along with the bone corrosion knee pain also will come. The obesity,ageing,lack of exercise,changing life style,bone corrosion and arthritis are the causes for knee pain. The symptoms are pain,swelling, sound of scratching,lack of balance while walking and difficulty to sit in toilet,walking and climbing upstairs. These are the early symptoms. The lack of calcium,corrosion of the bones ,injury,fracture and accidents also will leads to this condition. Its much better to prevent than treating.
So will see how to control this can be done.

Lack of exercise is the main problem. Before getting this disease itself we have to start the exercises. The patients can do the exercises at home itself. But we have to take the advice prior from physician. If there is increase in pain then should stop the exercise. But hereditary of pain ,obesity and the starting of the pain will prevent from getting pain.

1. Keep your legs straight and sit. Fold the towel and keep under the knee. Apply the pressure to it. After doing it for one knee start with the other knee. Morning after wake up and at night before sleep you have to do 10 times. This will helps to reduce the pain and strengthen the knee.

2. Sit by keeping your legs straight. Take one rope under one leg and pull the rope maximum. Do it for next leg also. Daily do it for morning and everything 4 times.

3. Lie in supine position and bend one knee and keep the legs. Rise the other knee 30 degree up. Bring it down after 2 seconds. Repeat this for next leg also. Do it twice 10 times per day.

4. Keep one leg straight and lie in prone position. Rise the leg without bending. Bring it down after 2 seconds. Repeat for the next leg also. Do it twice 10 times per day.

5. Lie in side lying position. Rise the leg 45 degree for 3 seconds. And keep it down slowly. Repeat for 10 times. Change the lying position to next side and repeat it.

6. Stand opposite to the wall and rise by putting pressure in the toes. Stand in toes for 10 seconds and bring it down. Repeat it for 10 to 15 times .

7. Stand by facing either table or door. Bring one leg by bending. Maintain the same for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat it for next leg too. Proper exercises and physiotherapy will cure from knee pain. And also helps for climbing and sitting in the toilet.

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