A great grin with 5 minutes

Everybody likes making it easy for the four ohms. Bread bananas balls is a delicacy that makes it easy for kids to make it easy.
Ingredients for making bread balls: Five loaves of bread are lost
Bananas : 1 small sliced
Butter :2 tablespoon
sugar : 2 teaspoon
cardamom powder : feet teaspoon
A little broth powder
Oil: Need for frying
First heat a pan and pour 2 teaspoon ghee. Add the chopped banana to it. Add two teaspoons of sugar,leg teaspoons of cardamom powder and keep them off for a little while.
Next, take the bread and dip the edges in water and makes them soft. Add bananas that are prepared for each of them.
Dip it in the dust, and fry it well in warm oil. Bread banana plays ready

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