What will happen if we use the heated oil repeatedly

While cooking in the kitchen we will pour oil into the pan for frying fish or pappad. Then the remaining oil will keep and use for cooking again. But is it right to use like this?

If we use like this will cause for many diseases in future. The harmful radicals are causing for this. The diet consultants are giving the opinion that these radicals will attach to the healthy cells and cause disease. The carbogenic can cause for cancer and and atherosclerosis which is a condition in which the blood vessels will shrink. It will also increase the bad cholesterol and will block in the arteries.

Some other side effects of reusing heated oil are acidity,heart related problems,Alzheimer’s,Parkinson’s and the problems associated with the throat. The nutritionist saying that the problems will occur based on how many times the oil can use,the type of oil, the intensity of heating the oil and the which type of food is cooked. Every time we can use fresh oil. But it is not possible. Then we can use the oil repeatedly in some proper manner to prevent the side effects.

Some suggestions.

  1. After the use of oil make the oil cool, then filter it and pour to one bottle. By doing this we can remove the food waste and to prevent from decaying the food easily.
  2. While reusing the oil each time check the colour and thickness of the oil. If the oil is dark colour and sticky then don’t use it again.
  3. While heating the oil suddenly the smoke is coming from that means there is a presence of HNE poison. It will cause Parkinson’s ,Alzheimer’s,heart attack,liver diseases etc.
  4.  The main thing is that all types of oil will not have the same characteristics. Some oil will have produce more smoke. This type can able to use for fry and roast. It will not break even in the high flame. The oils belongs to this will be sunflower,soybean,mustard oil,rice bran oil,peanut oil and gingelly oil. The oil which will not give smoke can be used for frying with low flame. So the proper reuse of oil can helps for good health.

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